MTNT Board of Directors

The MTNT, Ltd. Board of Directors is comprised of nine individuals who participate in strategic planning, policy development, and financial guidance for the corporation. Each of the four villages is represented including McGrath, Takotna, Nikolai and Telida. The Board’s focus is to ensure the realization of the intent of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, which is to provide a means for Alaska Natives to gain financial independence. They have accomplished this by appointing the leadership of and supporting the Federal Business unit to profitably pursue Federal contracting from the U.S. Government. Among their people, the Board promotes and provides financial assistance for higher education, land distribution, and by administering a Shareholder Permanent Fund.

Betty Magnuson   Jacqueline Esai   Renee Royal
Nicole Borromeo
At Large Seat, Chairman
  Jacqueline Esai
Nikolai Seat, President
  Renee Royal
At Large Seat, Secretary & Treasurer
James Vanderpool   Steve Eluska   Frank Miller
James Vanderpool
McGrath Seat
  Steve Eluska
Telida Seat
  Frank Miller
Takotna Seat
Joe Frank   Melody Magnuson-Strick   Richard Alexia
Joe Frank
At Large Seat
  Melody Magnuson-Strick
At Large Seat
  Richard Alexia
At Large Seat