Our Communities

MTNT, Ltd. is a consortium of four Alaska Native Corporations based in the villages of McGrath, Takotna, Nikolai and Telida. Roughly 400 MTNT Shareholders share ancestral ties to these four communities, which work together to contribute their unique qualities. Ultimately, each Alaska Native Shareholder’s contribution strengthens MTNT to provide support for their continued way of life.

  • McGrath used to be a seasonal meeting and trading site for people traveling the Kuskokwim River
  • Takotna was founded at the farthest point on the river that Arther Berry’s small sternwheeler boat was able to reach in the early 1900s
  • Nikolai was the site of a trading post and roadhouse during the gold rush
  • Telida means “lake whitefish” in the Athabascan language