MTNT Scholarships

In April of 2010, your Board of Directors established the Potlatch Fund. Potlatch funds are to be set aside by the MTNT, Ltd. Board of Directors to help the family of the deceased Shareholder afford burial traditions and potlatch expenses. The amount is determined by the number of shares owned by the deceased shareholder. After notification, a potlatch check will be issued. This is a donation and is not part of the inheritance of the shareholder. 

The Board of Directors approved fund distributions as follows:

Number of Shares Dollar Amount
000.001 – 24.999 $300
025.000 – 49.000 $600
050.000 – 74.999 $900
075.000 – 99.000 $1,200
100.000 + 1,500

The Board also approved that a $250 contribution would be made to a shareholder upon the loss of a descendant. 

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