MTNT Subsidiaries

MTNT, Ltd. (MTNT) is an Alaska Native Corporation. MTNT’s holding company, MTNT Management Services, LLC (MMS), acts as the management company for our subsidiaries, providing all human resources, employment, accounting, administration and business development. These subsidiaries offer energy generation and distribution, construction, environmental, information technology, and communication security services throughout the US and globally. Below is some brief information about our current subsidiaries. For more detailed information about each of the subsidiaries, click on the name of the subsidiary.

MTNT Construction, LLC (MCL)

DUNS Numbers: 079500503 (AK), 078377047 (CA)
CAGE Codes: 774Q9 (AK), 6P9X9 (CA)

MTNT Development, LLC (MDL)

DUNS Numbers: 015180623 (AK), 969141055 (MD), 969141055-1234 (GA)
CAGE Codes: 09UD4 (AK), 6ME07 (MD), 74J05 (GA)

MTNT Energy, LLC (MEL)

DUNS Number: 021818000 (AK)
CAGE Code: 5FVM8 (AK)

MTNT IT & Communications, LLC (MITCOM)

DUNS Numbers: 078438092 (AK), 079499909 (VA)
CAGE Codes: 6Q8X2 (AK), 77B99 (VA)

MTNT Properties, LLC (MPL)

DUNS Numbers: 808215128 (AK), 014558361 (CA), 832630805 (FL)
CAGE Codes: 4WZG3 (AK), 5HN68 (CA), 5STV7 (FL)

Primary Point of Contact

Michele Christiansen
Phone: 907-644-1200