Working with an 8(a) Alaska Native Corporation

Building Long-term Relationships. Keeping Promises.

MTNT, Ltd. (MTNT) is an Alaska Native Corporation providing services to federal government agencies in energy, construction, construction management, IT, strategic communications, professional staffing, and operations and maintenance. MTNTís holding company, MTNT Management Services, LLC (MMS), supports and houses several subsidiaries whose socioeconomic designations include certified 8(a)s and small business.

Our subsidiaries add value by expediting the procurement process for US agencies. Federal Acquisition Regulations outline the federally authorized contracting benefits granted to Alaska Native Corporations. Through negotiated, performance based agreements, MTNT seeks to service customers whose mission would be ineffective beyond a critical date for implementation (such as in war time situations or year end budget allocations) or that would otherwise be frustrated by the federal acquisition process.

MTNT Subsidiaries
   • MTNT Construction, LLC
   • MTNT Development, LLC
   • MTNT Energy, LLC
   • MTNT IT & Communications, LLC
   • MTNT Properties, LLC