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Your Solutions Source

Providing Cleared Staffing and Secured Services

Your Solutions Source

Providing Cleared Staffing and Secured Services 

Past Performance

Proven track record of successful contract performance

Bonding Capacity

$25M Single and $60M Aggregate

Health and Safety

Dedicated to our employees, clients and the environment

Portfolio of Operations


Government and Professional Services

Providing cleared staffing, secured services, professional and specialized military training, communication and construction services

IT and Communications

Computer training, strategic & crisis communication, IT security and infrastructure, project management, technology and secure construction services

Facilities Management Services

Field support, logistics, public works, housing and grounds maintenance

Construction Services

Construction (bid build & design), program management, project management, construction management

Energy Services

Engineering, management consulting, power distribution,  generation and construction



Dropbox Available for Utility Payments Until Further Notice
March 24, 2020

Dear MTNT Shareholders and the community of McGrath:

In accordance with “State of Alaska March 23 COVID-19 Health Mandate 009,” the MTNT and McGrath Light & Power office is closed to the public until further notice.

Please make your payment by check or money order in the drop box or call the office at (907) 524-3009 to pay by debit/credit card. If you need to make payment arrangements, please contact ML&P by phone.

While MTNT’s operations continue, MTNT is carefully monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and observing the advice and directives of the State of Alaska and the White House. We encourage you to so the same.

On behalf of the entire MTNT team, we wish you good health and happiness.



September 28, 2019 – Congratulations to MTNT IT & Communications, LLC for winning a firm fixed price contract from the Department of the Army, USACE for $19.9M to provide renovations to Building 1717 & 1735 in Fort Bliss, Texas. The objective of this project is to renovate Building 1717 to provide administrative space with functional areas (e.g. physical exams) for the U.S. Army Support Soldier Readiness and Resiliency Center (SRRC). Building 1735 will serve as a meeting/conference/briefing area.

September 25, 2019 – Congratulations to MTNT Construction, LLC for winning a firm fixed price contract in the amount of nearly $1.2M from the Defense Logistics Agency to install Security Enhancements and provide maintenance and repair work at the Defense Supply Center M&R Building 20 located in Columbus, Ohio.

Our Corporation

Owned by more than 460 shareholders, MTNT, Ltd. (MTNT) is an Alaska Native Corporation providing cleared staffing and secured services to government and commercial agencies in energy, IT strategic communications, training and operations, maintenance construction and construction management. MTNT’s holding company, MTNT Management Services, LLC (MMS), subsidiaries are eligible for 8(a), DBE and Small Business Government contracting.

Our subsidiaries add value by expediting the procurement process for U.S. agencies. Federal Acquisition Regulations outline the federally authorized contracting benefits granted to Alaska Native Corporations. Through negotiated, performance-based agreements, MTNT seeks to service customers whose mission would be ineffective beyond a critical date for implementation or that would otherwise be frustrated by the federal acquisition process.

The MTNT Mission

Increase corporate profitability, provide Shareholders with economic benefits and social opportunities, while protecting our corporation assets and land base, at the same time, recognizing the traditional cultural values and subsistence lifestyles of our Shareholders.

Our Lands

Located 221 miles northwest of Anchorage in Interior Alaska, McGrath was a seasonal Upper Kuskokwim Athabascan village used as a meeting and trading site for Big River, Nikolai, Telida and Lake Minchumina residents in the early 1900s …

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Takotna is located in Interior Alaska on the north bank of the Takotna River in a broad scenic river valley, 17 air miles west of McGrath in the Kilbuck-Kuskokwim Mountains. It has been known as Berry Landing, Portage City …

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Nikolai is an Upper Kuskokwim Athabascan village located in Interior Alaska on the south fork of the Kuskokwim River, 46 air miles east of McGrath. It has been relocated at least twice since the 1880s. One of the former sites was reported …

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Telida is located on the south side of the Swift Fork (McKinley Fork) of the Kuskokwim River, about 50 miles northeast of Medfra, Alaska. Athabascan Indian folklore indicates Telida’s descendants were from two sisters, survivors  …

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