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Our Shareholders

2020 Winter KwnJa’ Newsletter

2020 December Dividends

Address Change and Direct Deposit Deadline: December 1, 2020

The MTNT Board of Directors and Settlement Trustees have declared a December dividend to MTNT Shareholders in the amount of $3.15 per share to be distributed on December 11, 2020. For example, a Shareholder who owns 100 shares will receive $315.

To update your mailing address or enroll in Direct Deposit, please submit your information to MTNT by 4 p.m. (AKST), December 1, 2020. You may call (907) 644-1200, email info@MTNT.net or login to the Shareholder portal at https://MyMTNT.com to update your information.

2020 Fall KwnJa’ Newsletter

MTNT Foundation

The goal of the MTNT Foundation is to support our Shareholders and their descendants by providing programs for higher education and other learning programs, all while honoring our cultural values and subsistence lifestyles. We believe higher education provides the skills and economic opportunities necessary to carry out our mission to improve our standard of living.

One way the MTNT Foundation works to achieve its goal is to provide scholarships for students attending college, vocational schools, and other learning programs. Our Shareholders and their children, many of whom live in rural communities, can apply for and receive money to use towards funding their educational expenses.

The upcoming next Scholarship deadline is December 15.

Shareholder Web Portal, MyMTNT

MyMTNT Shareholder Portal provides access and ability for shareholders to:

  • Update or change their mailing address and other personal information
  • Change direct deposit information
  • Access and print payment information
  • Download the Shareholder Life Insurance Application
  • And more!

Click here to access.

Moving Forward to Preserve a Way of Life

Owned by more than 460 shareholders, MTNT, Ltd. was formed in 1976 to represent four Alaskan villages: McGrath, Takotna, Nikolai and Telida, three of which are on the Iditarod Trail. Our people, primarily of Athabascan descent, are located in the Kuskokwim River Basin. We own and manage 299,520 acres of land, commercial and residential properties, and a utility plant, along with several subsidiaries serving our nation’s government.

In addition to being proud Alaska Native people interested in preserving our culture, we are defense contractors. We provide personnel and services to federal agencies and commercial entities requiring our expertise. Our capabilities include development, construction, construction management, design, quality control, budgeting, scheduling, subcontractor selection, environmental, IT, strategic communication, professional staffing, federal contracting expertise and more.

We embrace a dual vision on behalf of Shareholders: developing a prosperous business while retaining ties to our culture and our past.


Athabascan Cultural Values


  • Self-sufficiency and Hard Work
  • Care and Provision for the Family
  • Family Relations and Unity
  • Love for Children
  • Village Cooperation and Responsibility to Village
  • Humor
  • Honesty and Fairness
  • Sharing and Caring
  • Respect for Elders and Others
  • Respect for Knowledge & Wisdom from Life Experiences
  • Respect for the Land and Nature
  • Practice of Native Traditions
  • Honoring Ancestors
  • Spirituality

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